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    See exactly what is being Ordered, what you best seller is and who your clients are.

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    Native Apps need to be downloaded from the respective Stores but your App can be installed directly from our Web Site

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    Chat Directly With Your Customers While They Are Online

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    Send Coupons, Promotional Content Directly To Your Customers

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    Worldclass Support For You And Your Customers

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App with Online Ordering

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  • 1 App
  • Online Ordering, for Pickup or Delivery
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  • Table Bookings
  • 1 Driver App for your

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Engage Fully With Your Customers

R 800 / month
  • Everything on The Better Deal
  • A New Web Page
  • Integrated Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • 1 Promotion per month
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Online Payments

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R 500 / month
  • The Nice Deal PLUS
  • Table Booking @ R 25 pm
  • Web Site Ordering @ R 25 pm 
  • Facebook Ordering @ R 25 pm
  • Web Site @ R 235 pm 
  • Integrated Chat @ R 25 pm 
  • Push Notifications @ R 25 pm
  • Delivery Notifications @ R 50 pm
  • Monthly Promotions @ R 300 pm
  • Online Payments @ R 250 pm